A recurring character in the strip, SSgt Coffman is something of an antithesis (and, frequently, a nemesis) to Capt. Kenneth Dahl. He is sarcastic and caustic, and expresses a hatred of anyone wearing a flight suit.

His debut shows him as an Airman First Class employed at the Network Control Center in the Communications Squadron on Elmendork Air Force Base. His first run-in with the then Lt. Dahl prompted him to delete the Lieutenant's network account, and cemented his hatred of flight-suit wearing personnel, as well as officers in general. Since then, he has availed himself of every possible opportunity to aggravate Lt. Dahl, something that has earned him the nickname of "Airman Agitator." In a recent turn of events, he found himself assigned to the same unit as Lt. Dahl, a move that provoked Lt. Dahl's instant ire.

Coffman has a on line relationship with Capt Dahl's Cousin Meredith. He is often involved in situations with Lt Lana Willows and shows true sympathy for her.

He is (not so) loosely based on the site's webmaster.